A year in Maine is identified by it's seasons and nestled between mud season and deer season is the "SWEET SEASON".

What better way to celebrate natures bounty than a u-pick excursion to the farm?

We begin picking in early July and continue until late August.  Please call for the current picking conditions and available varieties. (207) 845-3028

We found the best way to charge for u-pick is by the pound.  This enables our customers to pick as much or as little of our premium berries as they wish.  We pass out small buckets with a plastic bag liner and then you just weigh out when you are done.  Easy peezy.  It is also much easier and way more fun for kids to pick into their own bucket. 

Since we do not use any pesticides, we encourage sampling, as different varieties of berries will have their own unique flavor. 

Our prices for our highbush blueberries are $3.75 lb. which equals to approximately $2.75 pint.   

Our picking hours are 7AM till 7PM.  If you come before the farm stand is open or after it closes, just pop into the cafe' and we can set you up for the picking adventure. 

As always it is best to call before making a trip to check on what's picking and current berry conditions.  207-845-3028

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