What could be better after a hard day of fun, than a rich, creamy delicious ice cream?

We serve only premium Round Top, Maine's best ice cream made from the finest ingredients in small batches at the local family owned creamery in Damariscotta.

Enjoy a cone while strolling our beautiful grounds or a milk shake or sundae at one of our picnic tables.

Ice cream sandwich Sweet Season Style

Homemade brownie and Round Top Premium Ice Cream

Ice Cream Menu


Mini                                                     2.69

Small 1 scoop                                  3.69

Medium 2 scoops                           4.69

Large 3 scoops                                5.69

With Waffle cone add    .75

Jimmies/ nuts  add .65

Milk Shakes

Regular Shake                        5.99

Extra thick Shake                  6.99

Float                                        5.99


with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream and Nuts


Small 1 scoop                        4.99

Medium 2 scoops                 5.99

Large 3 scoops                      6.99



Jimmies, Nuts, Hot Fudge, Caramel

add .65 for additional toppings